Today I Printed: A Headtorch Mount

I bought a light for my bike the other day, the Blackburn Dayblazer 550. It seems like a great little torch - lightweight (60g), waterproof (IP-67 submersible), and plenty bright enough to see by (up to 550 lumens). Sadly, since it lives on my bike and only gets turned on when it’s dim, it doesn’t get used very much.

Then, as I was throwing out an old headtorch who’s batteries had exploded all through it, inspiration struck! ⚡️

Why not mount my Dayblazer on my head, using the old headtorch straps?

Being quite long, I would have to mount it up on top of my head, something that I’ve never seen before.

The bottom of the torch is actually fairly complex

I’m pretty happy with the result:


  • Well balanced, not front heavy.
  • Easy vertical adjustment - just pull the buckle it’s mounted on forwards or backwards.
  • No blazing white light at the edge of your vision, since it’s mounted further back.
  • Can get ridiculously bright, though that eats the battery faster.


  • No red light.
  • Rechargeable, can’t bring spare batteries.

Now I just need to take it out for a spin!

The fitting room

Here is the OpenSCAD file, or here it is on thingiverse.